Attention Apps

Coming Soon (hopefully) to a Bookstore Near You.

Kids’ Book. Attention Apps: 10 Mental Downloads for Concentrating When Painfully Bored, Working Hard When Totally Uninterested, and Similar School Necessities No One Ever Taught You

Teachers’ Book. Attention Apps: An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Attention (not preaching it)

Attention Apps comprises a pair of books written by Dr. Shumsky, with Susan Islascox and illustrations by Rob Bell. The books present 10 specific attention functions, or apps, with instruction and exercises for how to perform these functions better. Very briefly, the apps are as follows:

App #1 Your Mind’s Channel Changer, tuning into the teacher, focusing on work.
App #2 Your Mind’s Pizza Cutter, cutting large intimidating work down to size.
App #3 Your Mind’s Video Screen, visualizing benefits of working hard.
App #4 Your Mind’s Cheerleader, encouraging yourself and mentally psyching up.
App #5 Your Mind’s Piggy Bank, delaying gratification, choosing work over play.
App #6 Your Mind’s Activator, studying actively and deeply.
App #7 Your Mental Workbench, remembering what to do next.
App #8 Your Mind’s Speedometer, working at the right pace.
App #9 Your Mind’s Calendar, managing time.
App #10 Your Mind’s Observer, watching your behavior and righting it as need be.